Carlos Teasdale

Certified Sports Medicine Specialist

Over 10 years ago I suffered a debilitating lower back injury while lifting heavy weights in the gym. The injury took me away from basketball the sport I love and the lifestyle I had grown accustom to. I could barely walk as I suffered from numbness and lack of motor control in my left leg. I was scared I would never move athletically again and depressed I had pushed myself to injury. For years I tried everything from the chiropractor, prednisone, cortisone shots, to aligning my chakras. Nothing worked. It wasn’t until I began to combine self-myofascial release with therapeutic strength training that I even started seeing any progress. Through years of consistency and dedication to get stronger I have fully recovered and only suffer from mild sciatica when sitting for long periods of time. This injury forced me to reinvent my training style and research and learn the most effective and efficient ways to build strength without causing pain or injury. I began working with people with back injuries because I felt confident I could help. I understood their pain and how to mentally support them through the tough road they had ahead of them. The methods and programs I began to develop for people is what I call The Low Back Solution. Please reach out with any questions you may have as it is my passion to help people who are currently suffering from this same unforgiving injury.


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